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XPEDITION Series 3: Europe and Escorted Tours

Photo collage: Ocean & River Cruise

Welcome to Xpedition!

Series 3 is a 12-week course where you will learn about suppliers and destination that will best help you sell Europe. This series has a focus on Europe, along with a touring component. You will also discover how to integrate a social media plan into your marketing strategy that will extend from Europe to all corners of your specialties. Learn to plan an individual trip using suppliers and destinations from this course. You will be required to participate in each lesson, homework assignment, project and Facebook discussion. By the end of the course, you should be able to confidently recommend both a guided tour and independent exploration throughout Europe. This course is meant for newer travel professionals. The cost is $150. If you are interested, please contact Amber Zakem - amber.zakem@mvptravel.com for details.

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Course Info

Level: All Skill Levels
Teaching Method: Lectures
Assignments: Yes
Interactive: Yes
Credentials: Certificate
Duration: 12 weeks